Monday, April 12, 2010

Goals and Plans and Goals

It's funny how you can be thinking about and meaning to do something for days and weeks (e.g., run), and then something happens that seems to flip a switch and suddenly it seems possible again.

Well the switch was flipped for me last week, and lo and behold, I went for two (very) short runs! In the morning even!

As I mentioned last week, my new running goal is not to train for this race or that race, but to get to the point where I'm running 4-5 days a week, ideally 2-3 miles each day. The hope is that this will help keep a lid on the anxiety-depression duo that rears it's ugly head more often than I'd like.

Getting to that goal, however, requires a plan. Making a plan, in and of itself, isn't the problem. I quite like to plan things that only involve me. I am a planner. It's the sticking to the plan where I tend to run into trouble. And that, brings me back to goals.

My new running plan is to set small, attainable, weekly goals, slowly building toward my bigger, long-term goal. I know, WHAT a radical idea. I'm using Buckeye Outdoors to keep track of everything. And borrowing from Merry, I'm going to post my goals for each week on Monday, and report back at the end of the week. The theory is that this will inject a bit of accountability into the process.

As an additional motivator, there's something that I really, really want that is a complete luxury: an ebook reader. Specifically, this ebook reader. I'll be working out how I can somehow use the BeBook as a carrot for the running and other fitness/health stuff. More on that another day.

Without anymore further ado, here are my goals for this week:
  • Run 3-4 days for a total of 4 miles
  • Stretch 5-6 days, 10 minutes each time
  • Pilates 2-3 days, for 20-30 minutes each time

Can I get myself out the door tomorrow morning before work? Right now I'm optimistic. Hopefully, it won't be another story in the morning!

Edit: Yes, I got out and ran my short mile this morning!


The Merry said...

Please feel free to not only borrow, but steal anything that works! Your blog inspires me to get out and move. I still remember one time when I absolutely would not have set foot outside -- then I read your blog and felt ashamed of my wimpitude. And so I worked out that day, and It Was Good. Thanks to you :)

Xenia said...

Awesome! Keep up the good work.

I like the idea of carrots. I'm trying to set some up for me in respect to dissertation writing. I think the first one will be a facial for when I complete this chapter. Fingers crossed this happens at the end of this week!

Meg said...

Way to go! Getting myself to work out in the AM is usually a stumbling block for me.

Also, I love the way you broke down your goals.

Keep up the good work!

The Merry said...

How goes it? Does your inner slug need some salt? (Presumably around the rim of a full margarita glass?)

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