Saturday, December 20, 2008


Egads, it's been almost a month. Because I'm lazy and haven't yet organized any of the pictures from my various trips this past year, I shall share some random stuff in the interest of pretending that I actually blog occasionally.

First, a couple of pictures that I took early in November from the Mound here in Edinburgh:

Ok, those are probably the most interesting. You might want to move along now, because it's pretty lame from here on out.

Because I'm leaving in a couple days to spend Christmas in Ohio, I'm trying to eat up the food in my fridge. So for dinner this evening, I had tacos:

and cauliflower:

What, cauliflower isn't typically a side dish in Tex-Mex food?

A couple weeks ago, I did put up my few Christmas decorations. I'm enjoying them, but I realize overall effect is a bit pathetic when captured for pictures to post here.

My tree:

Santa with garland:

Holiday potholder/towel decoration:

My countdown-to-Christmas calendar:

And finally, I have been running. See, look at the stars on my calendar. I'm also re-attempting the 100 Pushup Challenge again. Those are the stars on the charts below the calendars. I made it through week 4 (actually week 6 because I had to redo a couple weeks) the first time.

My last couple runs in particular were very good! I was able to maintain a good pace (for me) for 3 miles without needing to slow down or stop to catch my breath. I feel like I'm finally, finally back to my fitness level from before my 6 week holiday from running. Yay!

Ok, that's all. End randomness.


Merry said...

I have to disagree with you -- the most interesting picture was the last one. What a dazzling array of stars! Go Theresa!

Xenia said...

Hey, you have decorations. Don't knock that. I have bupkiss at the moment.

Hey, where in OH will you be again? Z and I are driving through. You never know, we could end up doing a friendly drive-by. The worst you'd get hit with would be a snowball. ;)

Keep kicking ass on the running front! I sure ain't at the moment.

Theresa said...

Xenia, you ran a frikin marathon! You deserve a bit of a break.

I'm just happy that I'm back to where I can keep up with my running partner again!

My folks are in NE Ohio, about an hour south of I-90. You and your sister are driving from Chicago to NH or something like that? You'll probably be traveling I-90. If you and Z need/want a place to crash for one night, email me.

rssasrb said...

Lovely pictures. And festive decorations. Happy holidays and safe travels.

McB said...

Yay! Love the stars, love that your feeling good about your running again, and I even love the decorations. Because it's the spirit of the thing that counts.