Sunday, November 23, 2008

I can still run!

I don't know why I'm always surprised that I can still run after not running for a month (or so), but I am always surprised. For some reason, I expect to suddenly lose overnight everything that I had built up. Huh.

But, as you might surmise from the shiny, pretty stars at the beginning of this post, yes, I can indeed still run, although I've definitely lost some conditioning.

Tuesday 11/18: 2 mile run in the evening, blistering wind

Sunday 11/23: 2.5 mile run (12:16 min/mi) in the beautiful crisp morning under a blue sky, light wind

All I can say is thank Bob for my running partner, because who knows when I would have made it out the door with my running shoes on if I hadn't committed to running with EM.

Also thanks to Merry who has been both motivating and inspiring. Again. It was Merry who help to inspire me last fall to get the running thing going again. Merry, ever consider motivational speaking?

Oh, and Xenia, who was also motivated and inspired by Merry last year to start up running, well, she's running in her first marathon next weekend! Go Xenia!!!

And CMS/Keziah, finished writing her book!

I haven't mentioned Team CB for a while, but we four are the original members. It's been a year since we joined together in a virtual sort of way to motivate and encourage each other. And I'd just like to take a moment to say: Well done, Ladies! Well done all of us!

And yeah, I can still run. :+)


Xenia said...

Woo hoo! Yay Team CB! So glad you are back to running. Always fun to have another person to share the pain with. ;)

Keep on truckin', Dr. T!

Merry said...

Yay Theresa!
I'm so glad you've got a workout partner. It is /so/ much easier to get going if there's someone else working out too :)

I was thinking... it's five months since we got 3/4 of Team CB exercising together (to the amazement of Ms. Tanji).

Maybe we could try that again? Synchronize our computers and find a time when all four of us could commit to one simultaneous exercise session. I was going to suggest a workout during the infamous Florence marathon, but according to World Clock that's 1 am my time and 4 am CMS's, so ... no.

Still, could be done some other time.

BCB said...

I'm attempting a marathon of words . . . does that count? she whined.

I'm very happy to hear you're running again! Even though I hate to run and always have hated it, even before the knee problems that now leave me no choice about it. I'm always glad to hear that others are doing it.

The four of you have done great things. Keep it up!

Keziah Fenton said...

I was procrastinating this morning by reading all of your blogs. My Inner Slug has been winning this battle for the past couple of months. Now I'm lacing up my sneakers, snapping on the dog harness and taking Ky for a brisk walk! When we come back I'll take Casey for a swim then my exercise needs should be met for the day.
I like the idea of us all exercising at the same time. Do you and Xenia ever go for afternoon runs? That would be morning here and in Portland...

GO Team CB!

McB said...

Go Team CB!!

Congrats Theresa! don't you usually walk to and from work? See, that's helping you stay in shape a bit between running.

BCB - we will count your marathon of words if you FINISH THE BOOK.

Merry said...

Hello Theresa!
(I'm celebrating World Hello Day... granted, a bit late. But it's supposed to help promote World Peace:)

BCB said...

What? I have to finish?!

picky, picky, picky

Okay, fine. But only if Xenia finishes her marathon.

rssasrb said...

Yay Theresa and Team CB.

You guys have motivated me to actually get out to the Y to use the elliptical machine. I'm with BCB when it comes to running. My knees just don't like that kind of pounding.