Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Boots!

For the past several years, I've been wanting boots. Not snow boots, but dressier boots that I could wear with a knee-length skirt. Once or twice a year, I would venture out to shoe shops to see what I could find, but I would always strike out. To find boots that 1) I liked, 2) were available in my size, and 3) that I could wear all day long, including walking in back and forth to work, was apparently too much to ask. I even have looked on-line a bit, but I'm hesitant to buy shoes that I can't try on.

Today, the gods smiled on me. Given all the end-of-season sales advertised for today, I thought I'd give it another try. I was going to head down to Princes Street, but thought first I'd try the shoe shop down the road, Ann Brownlie Shoes. I had good luck getting shoes for work there this past fall.

Bingo! First shop, first pair I tried on. This never happens to me! Aren't they cute?!?

And, they fit really well and are very comfortable! They actually became more comfortable the longer I was wearing them in the shop (admittedly, not that long, but still). And they were on sale!!

New boots, new boots! **Doing the happy dance**


Merry said...

Very nice indeed. I approve :)

Jan said...

Congrats!!! Yes, they are very cute. Enjoy!

Xenia said...

Nice! I want a pair. :)

I'm currently on the search for a grey knee-length coat. Not double breasted though. Weirdly enough, it's actually really hard to find, especially as all the shops have their summer clothes out already. Morons. ;)

McB said...

Nice find!

Keziah Fenton said...

Beautiful. I like them a lot.

Merry said...

Whew! I ran tonight! Gives Dr. T a high five Go Team!