Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Once more, with feeling

So yeah, goals. My running goal for May was to run three times per week. How did I do? Well, meh.

Week 1: 3 runs
Week 2: 3 runs
Week 3: 1 run, but with lots and lots and lots of walking that weekend
Week 4: 2 runs

And the first week of June: big fat zero!

The Horrible Hill route tonight was PAINFUL, and I now have my worst time ever for that route. (The GI issues didn't help. I made it home in time. Barely.)

Back to goals and such. I said that if I managed to stick to my 3x per week goal, I would sign up for the Erie half-marathon. Unlike a 5k or 10k, I can't be totally slacking off my training plan if I want to try to run this race. But the more I think about it, the more I really want to give it a go. Yet this inability to get myself out the door to train thing is definitely a problem.

So let's try this again. For the next 5 weeks (including this week), my goal is to run 3x per week. Plus, I'm going to up the ante a bit by also committing to either a 4th run or a long walk each week.

This week's runs will be on Tuesday (done!), Thursday, and Friday.

It's a bit late, but not too late to start training for the Erie half-marathon. I've found a training plan that builds up from a 10k to a half-marathon, which is just what I need. If I can stick to this plan and meet my goals over the next five weeks, I'm signing up!


McB said...

Well you were just a little busy hostessing that third week, so I think you should give yourself a break on that one. Surely all that walking counts for something?

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,
First of all...I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. That bummed me out something awful.

Also, I was telling folks about your achievements at Wooster Alumni weekend. Folks were very impressed.

Keep up the running. I've gotten back into running at least once a week -- You are an inspiration!


Xenia said...

You can do it, Theresa! Just remind yourself how much more the race will suck if you don't go out for your training runs. That helps me sometimes.

Good luck!