Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Running Goal

Having goals. It's supposed to be a good thing right? Unfortunately, while I'm fairly good at coming up with goals in my head, I'm not so good at sticking with them.

Ah yes, this would be accountability. I generally have none, especially when it comes to running. Having a running partner keeps me running twice a week, and that's about it.

So, let's try this. I am publically declaring that I will run three times a week in May. That means just once a week, I need to get myself out the door without my running partner. It should be doable. Right? RIGHT?

It will also have the benefit of hopefully helping me get faster before my running partner leaves me in the dust in disgust.


So far this week, I ran on Tuesday (albeit on a new, hillier route, with one particular hill that almost did me in). So I must run tomorrow and Sunday. I can do this, even if the awful, ferocious winds we've been having for days on end don't stop. Right? RIGHT?

And if I do manage to achieve this goal, to punish reward myself, I will sign up for the Erie 1/2 marathon. Dear Bob, did I actually just type that?!?

Update: Week one, success! Although Sunday evening's 2.22 mile run was rather pitiful.


Xenia said...

You can do it, Theresa! I believe in you.

Merry said...

How's it going? Should we ask?

Theresa said...

Ran yesterday, so I just need to get out and run today. Of course I procrastinated, and now I have a headache. Sigh.

Hoping it will clear out in a couple hours, because I don't fancy running either with the headache, or under the influence of migraine medicine.

Merry said...

Headaches are lousy running companions. No conversation, and they set their own pace regardless of what you want to do. Hope you ditched the H. already!