Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday Update

Since I already wrote the dissertation below, this is going to be a quickie. I actually managed to plan and go grocery shopping yesterday. Today, I did some cooking.
For the record, I also started to play a game online, quit after a few minutes, and installed StayFocused to block the game site.

Meals planned for the week:
  • French toast, yogurt, fruit for breakfasts
  • Sauerkraut and veggie sausage, roasted potatoes, broccoli
  • Pasta w/marinara sauce, sauteed spinach w/garlic
  • Soup, cheese and crackers

French toast is made. Sauerkraut and veggie sausage meal is made. Pasta and sauce are made. I still have leftover soup that I brought back from my parents, and I have the makings for other soup.

Things that came home in my grocery bag that were not on my list:
  • Bag of chips and sour cream to make dip
  • Bag of cheese popcorn
  • Bag of Reese's miniatures
  • Hersey's Special Dark chocolate bar

Sigh. At least the chips and dip are gone. :(

1 comment:

The Merry said...

I hate when 'bad' food sneaks into the grocery bag. Good idea to get rid of the evidence!