Friday, October 31, 2008

Tropical Sunset

I have many goals of things I want to do between now and the end of the year. One of them is to write and post blog entries for my various trips this past year. I've put up a few, but I've yet to share pictures from Delft or Morocco or Australia. There may be one or two more I'm forgetting. And then there's the conference trip from this past week, where I got to watch the following sunset.

But, until I get my act together and get those posts put together, these pictures will have to tide us all over. Now close your eyes. Imagine a warm breeze blowing across your skin. Imagine the soft churning of waves on the beach. Sand under your feet. Maybe, just maybe, this image will help keep the cold weather away for a little while longer.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Modern Scottish Wenchwear

When my sister and nieces were visiting a couple weeks ago, I naturally took them out and about to see a bit of Edinburgh. We wandered over toward Old Town and down Victoria Street where I knew there were some fun shops to see. One in particular, I knew, had nice (if pricey) handmade Scottish goods, and it's always fun to browse in. I didn't know the name of the shop, just it's general location. I was expecting fancy mugs and home decor. Instead, I discovered that the shop had morphed and was now selling these.

The shop is called Anta, and a quick chat with the shopkeeper revealed that Anta actually had expanded. The current location was to focus on clothing while a new shop was opened across the Grassmarket for home furnishings.

And the clothing that they focus on includes tartan silk corsets.

Aren't they gorgeous!

(Yes, I totally ripped off the above three photos from their brochure.)

The woman in the shop actually makes them, custom. They run 300-400 pounds sterling. I don't really like to bare my shoulders, and I have absolutely no occasion to wear something like this, and I really can't afford one. But...but...ok, I'll admit it, I really want one!