Sunday, September 20, 2009

What have I been up to?

When last I posted, I was off to Paisley for the Paisley 10k. Given that was 3 weeks ago, you might be thinking that off to Paisley is a euphemism for goes off never to be heard from again. Or not, considering that most people who read this are likely friends and family who know very well that I was off having a lovely vacation back home with family in Ohio, with excursions to visit friends near Niagara Falls and Pittsburgh.

So although you wouldn't know it by my blog, I've actually been up to quite a bit over the past three weeks, and I have lots to blog about. And quite a bit of stuff upcoming as well over the next month or so. So watch this space for my Paisley Race report, pictures of Niagara Falls, McConnell's Mill State Park, Loch Leven and Lochleven Castle, and Muckhart, where alas, I forgot talk like a pirate.


Merry said...

I'm glad you survived your vacation! Looking forward to the lovely walks that I can enjoy vicariously :)

rssasrb said...

I too am looking forward to hearing about everything you've been doing and hoping for pictures

Merry said...

Peeks her head in, sneezes indignantly at the dust, then stomps off to yell at Blogger for not letting you in to update your own blog. The nerve!