Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aberdour Castle and Modern Scottish Wedding Attire

After my walk on Saturday, I decided that I still had enough time and leg strength left to go see Aberdour Castle.

It's pretty old, a bit of a fixer-upper really.

Although the doocot is still is pretty good shape, should you be in need of a source of protein and open to the idea of raising doves and pigeons.

Much to my surprise, they were in the midst of a wedding at the castle. I was told to just ignore the wedding party in the terraced gardens.

I can see why you might want to get married in a castle. It's very romantic after all, and you can send any kiddies off to explore the ruins. Part of the castle even still has a roof, where the ceremony can be held. And the gardens are pretty.

But then you get people like me, who insist on sneaking around the ruins taking paparazzi-like pictures of the ladies in funny hats.

And the men in kilts.

I'm ashamed really. Sneaking around a castle to take pictures of men-in-kilts and then posting these pictures of strangers, who didn't give me permission, on my blog. Ashamed. I'm sure Karma will make me answer for this.


Merry said...


Theorem #1: These people were getting married in a Scottish Castle.
Theorem #2: Celebrities get married in Scottish Castles.
Theorem #3: Celebrities wouldn't even /be/ famous if they didn't have paparazzi snapping shots

Conclusion: Your actions were in reality validating these people's very reason for existence. Well done.

me said...

But we appreciate your pictures. :-)

Those aren't hats. Those are oversized barrettes.

McB said...

Kharma shmarma. Nice legs.

Those are hats?