Friday, July 31, 2009

Pet Sitting, WooHoo!!

Yep, for the next week, I will be walking Crosby the dog, petting Mango and Connor the cats, and playing with two tiger-striped kittens!!! I'm just a tad excited, in case you can't tell. Really, I feel like I should be paying my friends for the pet therapy.



Mango (a.k.a., Momma Kitty)

And the Kittens!!

The kittens are two months old and out of the box, which means they can run away from me. :( But I'm sure by the end of my week I will win them over, so that I can hug them and squeeze them and name them both George.

Oh, and the grey kitten in the picture. Already left to her new home. Sigh.

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