Monday, October 20, 2008

Modern Scottish Wenchwear

When my sister and nieces were visiting a couple weeks ago, I naturally took them out and about to see a bit of Edinburgh. We wandered over toward Old Town and down Victoria Street where I knew there were some fun shops to see. One in particular, I knew, had nice (if pricey) handmade Scottish goods, and it's always fun to browse in. I didn't know the name of the shop, just it's general location. I was expecting fancy mugs and home decor. Instead, I discovered that the shop had morphed and was now selling these.

The shop is called Anta, and a quick chat with the shopkeeper revealed that Anta actually had expanded. The current location was to focus on clothing while a new shop was opened across the Grassmarket for home furnishings.

And the clothing that they focus on includes tartan silk corsets.

Aren't they gorgeous!

(Yes, I totally ripped off the above three photos from their brochure.)

The woman in the shop actually makes them, custom. They run 300-400 pounds sterling. I don't really like to bare my shoulders, and I have absolutely no occasion to wear something like this, and I really can't afford one. But...but...ok, I'll admit it, I really want one!


Xenia said...

I want one too. Those are cool!

Merry said...

Me two too!

Ana said...

wow...those are so cool. Yet another one of those things that makes me wish I could sew.

When you coming home next?

Keziah Fenton said...

Omybob I WANT one. :D Absolutely gorgeous and I love to bare my shoulders. I might have to work for three years to pay for one but still...

McB said...

Well, OF COURSE you want one. There's just something about a pretty corset that just screams "I'M A GIRL!" You just know that the mere owning of one of those frothy, feminine bits would make you instantly lithe and graceful and clear up your complexion and give you good hair and trim ankles.