Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great Scottish Run

This morning I ran in my first 10k race, the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow!

The largest trial of the day turn out not to be the race itself, but actually getting to the race. I ended up having to take a taxi to the bus station, because no local buses were running yet, and then the bus to Glasgow ended up leaving 15 minutes late. Given that the race started at 9 and the bus was schedule to arrive at 8:45, this made me a bit nervous. But we made up some time, and I made it to Glasgow and George Square in time but with no extra time. Whew!

I was at the back of the back, given my late arrival, which meant once the race got going, much dodging and weaving past the walkers was requried. I've decided that when there is room, I don't really mind this. It gives me the illusion that I am fast. :+)

One fun thing about the race was the bagpipers stationed at every kilometer. I liked that I could hear them playing up ahead and know that one more kilometer was almost finished. (And men in kilts* - Win!)

At the end of the race, my running partner Elaine and a friend of hers were there to cheer me on! Definitely a good feeling. I don't know what my exact finishing time was, other than under 1:20 (I hope). [Edit: Just checked and my official race time is 1:17.24, a 12:29/mile pace! Yeah!]I messed up setting my watch timer at the start. Oh well. I wonder if this helped me to enjoy the race more, because I wasn't worrying abut my time. I could just focus on running at a comfortable, sustainable pace. Just one short walk break at the 5k point! And I finished! Really, that was my goal!

One funny thing that I wondered about. When running along the bridge over the Clyde River, I noticed that they had police stationed periodically along the sidewalk (backs to the water). It looked like they were guarding against random runners who are suddenly overcome with the urge to hurl themselves over the side. I mean, come on! It was only about two kilometers into the race. No one should be that desperate yet!

One last tidbit. When visiting the Great Run website, I noticed that they had this game so that you too can take part in the Great Scottish Run. It's somewhat trivial, but enjoy!

*Although there were also boys in kilts and at least one girl in a kilt playing as well.


Xenia said...

Congrats Theresa!!! I am envious of the bagpipers. What a great way to know your progress along the course.

So, when's your next race? :)

Running Knitter said...

Yay! You did it! Congrats and like xenia said, when is your next race?

Theresa said...

Uhh, next race? You mean I can't stop now? :+)

BTW, I forgot to mention. Worst after-race, free beverage ever: milk!! Courtesy of the race's sponsors. Just the offer of it to was enough to make me feel nauseous.

Merry said...

Congratulations Theresa! An extra-large gold star for you today :)

I suspect the police were there in case the sound of bagpipes drove someone to feel like ending it all.

Jan said...

Wow, Theresa. I'm really impressed.

The bagpipes along the route -- cool!

I agree about the milk - just want you want after exercising (blec!)


Lily on the Road said...

Good job on your run, Xenia sent me over with promises of pictures of men in kilts....just kidding!

No, you can't stop running now...oh, they didn't even give you chocolate milk? that bites...

MizFit said...

I lost my comment when I read YOUR comment about stopping now.
you cant
you are officially a role model.
so there WERE men running in kilts?
any utilikilts?

Miz., whose post race beverage is milk. if by milk you mean BEER----which I do.