Monday, November 5, 2007

Hold onto Your Hats

The title of this post could apply to how windy the days are getting. But really, it's the fireworks you need to watch out for this time of year. Today is Guy Fawkes Day. People have been setting off fireworks (and I'm not talking piddly little firecrackers) since before Halloween last week, but there has been a definite increase in the number of explosions to be heard after dark yesterday and today. I can hear fireworks being set off in at least three places nearby, including from the roof of the school right across the street! Yes, I said the roof of the school right across the street! I really wish they would stop, in part because I'm afraid those kids will injure themselves, but mostly because it's so darn loud and disturbing. Stupid Guy Fawkes.

Addendum: And then, walking into work, I see all the firework-setter-offers just left their fireworks trash, including the occasional beer can (!!!) in heaps all over the park. Grrrrr.

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Christina said...

Yup, scary, isn't it? The entire population turns into a bunch of pyromaniacs for a couple weeks each year in late October/November. If feels like everyone in town and every college has their own fireworks displays going on too. I've had a great view of two from my room alone. And I even paid to go see the much better ones at the edge of town. Now I am very much fireworks-ed out.

Til next year.